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Sustainability is increasingly gaining importance in the context of improving the future of our planet. In recognition of this, the Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI) is launching a sustainable design campaign, "Go-Greenovate" to educate our students to become innovative sustainable designer for the future. The Go-Greenovate Award is one of the main activities to recognise and applaud the creativity and effort of the winners. 



To promote sustainable practices, raising awareness about environmental issues, and fostering creativity in design.



Theme and Scope

3 overall awards and 3 category awards will be selected from around 100 nominations from the four departments of HKDI: 

  • Fashion and Image Design, 

  • Architecture, Interior and Product Design

  • Communication Design, and 

  • Digital Media

The 3 categories are: 

  • Green Concept – promoting strong, innovative idea of a designed product, services, systems, etc. 

  • Green Process – emphasis on research and development process in sustainable design. 

  • Green Product – providing tangible green solutions to the real world.


Eligibility and Participation

Higher Diploma Group – all DE Higher Diploma students in the four departments mentioned above.


Prizes and Recognition

Prize for overall Go-Greenovate winners    
1st        $5,000
2nd     $3,000
3rd      $2,000

Prize for category winners
(Concept, Process, Product)    
1 winner per category    $2,000

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Submission Guidelines

Submission Requirement:

  1. Project Statement – explain the objectives and ‘greenovation’ of the project.

  2. Digital Portfolio – in video or slides. 

  3. Nomination Form – signed by programme leader


Rules and Regulations:

  • Group project can be nominated. 

  • Each student can be nominated once in group entry and individual entry, maximum two entries in total.

  • The works must demonstrate originality with ethical consideration and shall not infringe any existing intellectual property rights. The judging panel reserved the right to require the participant to explain and differentiate their designs with existing designs or products for any suspicious case. Please refer to Appendix IV of 2023/24 Student Handbook for details. 

  • The nominated projects need to be produced / completed within the academic year 2023-24.

  • Students are allowed to use AI tools given that the usage of such tools follows the Council’s guidelines. 

  • Nominations that do not meet the above requirements will be disqualified. 

Resources and Support:

  • 2023/24 Student Handbook (Higher Diploma & Diploma of Foundation Studies Programmes (

  • Sustainable Development Goals (

  • Hong Kong Design Institute Go-Greenovate Campaign (

  • HKDI Inspire on Sustainable Design and Circular Economy  will be organised in March 2024. Details will be updated on HKDI and Go-Greenovate website. 

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