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What is Green Campus?

A Green Campus refers to the implementation of environmentally sustainable practices within a school campus, aiming to reduce environmental impact while enhancing the quality of life. This approach encompasses various aspects, including eco-friendly architecture, energy efficiency, waste reduction and recycling, sustainable transportation, and landscape planning.

Advantages of a Green Campus :

  • Provide a healthy and comfortable learning environment.

  • Enhance student focus and alertness through fresh air and natural lighting.

  • Prioritize environmental protection and sustainability.

  • Implement energy-saving, waste reduction, and recycling practices.

  • Minimize resource consumption and environmental impact.

  • Encourage students to interact with nature and foster environmental awareness.

  • Offer ample outdoor spaces for physical activities and exploration.

  • Promote overall well-being while contributing to environmental conservation.

Co-Work Space

In July 2023, HKDI Go-Greenovate organized a month-long workshop that transformed the former canteen into a dynamic Co-work Space. Led by resident creators and instructors, this collaborative effort involved 60 students from various disciplines including Architecture, Interior and Product Design, Communication Design, Digital Media, Fashion, and Image Design.

Drawing inspiration from sustainable and recycled materials, as well as innovative design concepts, the participants embarked on an interdisciplinary journey, infusing colorful hues and lively textures into the workspace. This unique fusion of creativity and environmental consciousness resulted in the creation of Co-work Space.

Green Garden

Green Garden (LWL 2/F)

The green garden at 2/F LWL building of HKDI is a versatile space designed for workshops and student planting projects. 

Nestled in the heart of HKDI, this vibrant garden offers a serene environment for students to explore their green thumbs, learn about sustainable practices, and engage in hands-on gardening experiences.



Green Garden (Block C 1/F, Block A 2/F)

Located at Block C 1/F and Block A 2/F of HKDI, the green garden is a haven of tranquility and natural beauty. 

With numerous plant types on display, this vibrant oasis offers a delightful escape from the bustling city. 

From colorful flowers to lush green foliage, the garden provides an enchanting environment for relaxation and embracing nature's wonders.

Green Garden (Roof Garden)

Located on the 9th floor of HKDI, the roof garden provides a stunning elevated escape from the surrounding urban surroundings.

With its panoramic views, it offers a tranquil retreat where visitors can immerse themselves in nature while enjoying the innovative design features and serene ambiance of this serene green space.







Green Facilities